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  1. Jeremy szczurek says:


  2. jakewagner says:


  3. ksiegs32 says:

    Heeey .

  4. kayteebug0712 says:

    Heyy there (:

  5. ksiegs32 says:

    This book is actually really good… ya?

  6. Katie Gordon says:

    Okay, im starting the blogging and i sure hope im gonna do this rite
    mrs. wills you said we could type like we normally do soo if i get marked down for writing in comp talk ill b quite upset with u 😛 ha

    So im not gonna lie this book is one of the books that is actually interesting to me usually i only read books i can relate too or else they get really boring. So far this is book keeps me interested and wanting to actually read AND finish it.

    Okay, in the book it says that the Junior’s parents like to drink or drank a lot or something along those lines. Could that b a cause of the many birth defects he has? becuz alcohol does lead to birth defects of the unborn but how commonly does alcohol effect the child?

    The part about how the white dentist only gave him half the novocain becuz apparently they only feel half the pain really bothered me. Did that really happen back then? and why is there a white dentist on the reservation?

    and i was curious if it was even possible to have more than 32 teeth and i got this:

    32 teeth is normal but if a wisdom tooth doesnt come in you can have less and you can have about one or two more not 10 more so that kinda ruined the whole image i had of a person having more than 32 teeth (i was imagining a shark mouth lol)

    well, that’s all

    PS Mrs. Wills if that was the masterbation seen it wasn’t THAT bad and I will admit it mad me laugh

    Toodles (:

    • ksiegs32 says:

      I know that alcoholism is most definitely connected to birth defects.
      I also find that he is very open with a lot of stuff. Like he’s very into different things and he is not normal. I like that he is a math geek. But the fact that he’s friends with the biggest bully kind of through me off. Although it’s cool and that’s different, I was kind of wanting him to be one of those kids that doesn’t want to ‘please the bully’. Ya know? ALSO, that masturbation scene was hilarious. Mrs. Wills, I am truly not as immature as you would have thought, I didn’t find it as funny as Katie did.(:

      Alright… See you tomorrow(:

  7. kayteebug0712 says:

    okay sorry i couldn’t figure out how to log in so now i have made like two comments on here with two different names my bad :/

  8. Jeremy szczurek says:

    The thing that I found interesting was that his BFF was the toughest guy on the reservation. How many times in high school do you find that the biggest nerd has the toughest guy in the school as their BFF? Just found that interesting

    • kayteebug0712 says:

      haha you said you found this interesting twice bud i think we get how you find it interesting lol. You’re right though I was thinking about that while I was reading too. It’s just weird that they’re are friends cause we’re used to the biggest people at our high school not even talking to the “nerds”. Then I thought about it and they kind of have to be friends because if you really think about it nobody wants to be friends with the biggest nerd or the biggest bully. So they found each other and they’re each others only friend and they found that they also have stuff in common with each other so why not.

    • ksiegs32 says:

      That is pretty weird ! But I think its pretty cool. Ya know? Like that’s sooo abnormal but its something that would be cool to have ya know? haha . and I am glad you found it soooooooo interesting Jer(:

      • jakewagner says:

        You guys are all real mature. The masturbation scene like wasnt even a scene it was just him talking about it. Pervs. Anyways, I feel really bad for this kid. He has a lisp and a stutter and he looks like an ‘L’ with his big feet and skinny body. I also found it weird that his best friend was the big tough guy bully. But I thought that theyre probably good friends because the bully is insecure like most bullies. So they’re both insecure together and are best friends ❤

  9. kayteebug0712 says:

    Okay so I’m pretty much the only not spelling out all of my words so I’m going to start typing correctly now because I don’t want to get points off… 😦 Katy hush! and jake you thought it was funny too.

    Katy do you just want to put a copy of the reading schedule on here?

    The other thing that through me off was how the 30 year old brothers beat Junior up. I know it said that they were bullies too but was it fully because of the alcohol because I know alcohol does play a big part in this book and alcohol does effect your behavior but is there maybe something pyschological behind it as well?

  10. Mr. Sturm says:

    I’m just checking in right now and will be back tonight or tomorrow with longer comments. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the book.

  11. jszczurek19 says:

    Okay i am doing the post tonight because Wagner can not, so he will do it when it is my time. After today the thing that we all have realized is that Junior is starting to earn some respect from the kids at his new school. Especially when it comes to Roger,but has he gotten to much respect for Roger? For a kid that is big and popular it almost seems to good to be true that he is being nice to a kid like Junior.

    The next biggest scene we talked about, was the Penelope and her throwing up in the bathroom. It says that she has Bulimia. The saddest part is that there are problem a handful of people, male or female, that go through this everyday at our school. I found a website that shows us some signs and symptoms of people who might have it, also ways to help prevent it.

    Another thing that is STILL very prevelent is Juniors need for Rowdy. No matter what is going on between them, whenever Junior needs something he ALWAYS goes to Rowdy even though Rowdy is mad at him. Another reason this is strange is because of the way Rowdy’s parents treat Junior. Junior went to Rowdy’s house to drop the picture off that he drew for Rowdy and Rowdy’s dad answered the door. By the end of their conversation Rowdy’s dad called Junior gay! I can’t fathom why a kid would still want to be friends with a kid if there parents even insult his sexuality (knowing Junior is different).

    Now matter what, people are going to make fun of homosexuals. I found an article that shows this perfectly. Hawaii’s coach made a comment that ruffled some feathers. He used a derogatory term generally used for gay people when referring to a dance performed by Notre Dame players. It really shows that no matter what you do if you are a homosexual you will be made fun of:(

  12. jszczurek19 says:

    Oh and your welcome Jake!!! ❤ ❤

  13. ksiegs32 says:

    Hello Mr. Sturm just wanted to say hi….

  14. jakewagner says:

    Okay so I’m blogging now and Jeremy didn’t even have to blog cause the Katies aren’t the smartest. 🙂 Jeremy already blogged on pretty much everything I was going to from this section so this won’t be the longest.

    Okay, so I know we already talked about this in class and didn’t really come to a consensus. The scene where Junior is in the bathroom popping zits like a weirdo and he hears a girl (Penelope) throwing up in the bathroom. Me and Jeremy both thought it was weird that he went to talk to her but the Katies thought it was normal. I mean I get being concerned for another person’s health but I just don’t see going into the opposite sex’s bathroom to see if a complete stranger is okay. If I were Junior I probably would’ve told a female teacher and let her take care of it.

    Another thing we didn’t get to talk about much is why Penelope decides to start dating Junior. They seem like the two people that would never end up together. Penelope being the hottest, smartest, and most popular girl in school. Junior being the opposite of that. Why do you guys think they ended up together and do you think they’ll stay together very long?

    Something weird is that once Junior started dating Penelope it seemed like he instantly became popular. He started earning respect from the tough guys at school and the girls started to think he was cute. I can’t see that happening in real life so quickly. I get that people would actually start talking to him and see that there’s more to him but I don’t get people becoming friends with him instantly. What do you guys think?

    That’s pretty much it. Here’s another link giving information on bullimia and anorexia.

  15. ksiegs32 says:

    HAHAH . Well Jake I didnt mean to make it seem like it was a necessity(: ❤

    I know a few people that are bulimic and it is scary…
    As we discussed in class, I am impressed that Junior ran in to check on her… To be honest , it was a ballsy thing to do…. Even you and jeremy were like OMG no I wouldn't do that.. However I would like to think that if a guy was in the bathroom vomitting I would go check on him… Ha. Also I am surprised by Roger's sudden respect for Junior… Maybe he is impressed by Junior getting Penelope ???? Good thought(: &Honestly Junior deserves some respect.. He had the guts to punch Roger in the face.. ya know ???
    KBYE(: ❤

  16. jszczurek19 says:

    There are two main points that have stuck out in this reading. One is the fact that all of a sudden Jr has become more outgoing. The other is the fact that Jr is going through what most people would consider a nightmare.
    Jr has started to try new things and not worried about what other people will think of him. This has started to take place ever since him and Rowdy’s friendship has begun to go downhill. Ever since he has not been as good of friends with Rowdy, Jr has started to step out of his comfort zone and has begun changing his life. He has gone to a new school and left the environment he is accustom to. Jr has now tried out for basketball, even though Rowdy won’t be on the team. He has also begun to stand up for himself and started making new friends. So in a weird sort of way maybe not being as good of friends with Rowdy has been a blessing in disguise for Jr. A website to be like Jr and start sticking up for yourself
    Poor Junior’s life has turned from bad to worse. His supposed best friend has went from hanging out with him to knocking him out . He has managed to lose his friendship with Rowdy and has gotten quarters thrown at him. This from what we can tell seems to be what Jr’s living nightmare would be . He has lost his one friend and has gotten total embarrassed in front of numerous people that he knows. Our poor innocent Junior’s life has started to just plummet. There’s nothing you can do but feel sorry for Junior. This can show you how to tell if your in an abusive relationship like Junior.

  17. ksiegs32 says:

    Hey guys , I’m doing the post tonight because the other one can’t (: Well , This reading has been very interesting , I am intrigued by the fact that Jr. and Rowdy have become real friends and Rowdy is not as competetive because being competetive is dangerous lol.

    Being competetive can be a problem ? Right ? Lol.
    Lets see , I also found it interesting that Junior was always in a shitty situation. His best friend was a major jerk. His ‘girlfriend’ was… well ya. He was always dealing with his parents. He never had a ride to school. He should have been in a terrible mental state. I think that his drawings were a way for him to express himself so that he didn’t become depressed… Ya know ? Well,

    this website shows ways to express yourself through drawing.. check it out(:

    Alright bye , hope your guys’ game was great and I hope you had fun at training Katie ❤

  18. kayteebug0712 says:

    Okay the last blog is me yay…

    I found it kind of disturbing how Jr has experienced 42 funerals in only 14 years. I don’t think I would be able to handle 42 funerals. I had to experience only 2 in one year and that was hard enough. It’s kind of ridiculous how all these people on the reservation seem to die of drinking and yet to get over they death they all get drunk. I know that alcohol makes people feel better when they get drunk but the reality is that that person is still dead and drinking and maybe getting killed isn’t going to fix that.

    alcohol relaxes the person drinking, but in the end the effects of it are much more worse than it helping you get over something.

    I can kind of connect to Junior when he wouldn’t accept the fact that his sister died. When my grandfather died and my dad told my brother and I we both kind of looked at him like he was joking saying “you’re kidding right?” and when he said no we both got a shock of reality. We both didn’t know what to do we couldn’t believe it and we didn’t want to believe it. We barely saw him cause he didn’t live around us so it was like we didn’t believe it.

    it’s normal for someone who has lost someone to go through grief and disbelief. Everyone gets over it at a different pace then someone else. Junior had to cope with his grandmother’s death and now his own sister. Of course he’s going to be shocked.

    At the funeral Rowdy cries I see this as people seeing the sweeter side of him and the emotional side. Granted he shouldn’t have yelled at Junior/Arnold because it isn’t really his fault that his sister died. To have that on your shoulders must be a terrible feeling. Thinking you killed your own sister must have been dreadful. Rowdy finally lets emotions out and he’s not used to it and doesn’t even want to admit to crying like most bullies would do. they would deny the fact that they have a weakness.

    well toodles ❤

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